Casino Digital Imaging

Some of my favorite casino and gambling images

Specializing in casino photography is extremely rare opportunity. However, casino owners want to promote their places, so they let photographers to do their job. Going in and photographing is not permitted in most casinos. The policy forbids it because of security measurements. Many people pursuit the dream of being a professional casino photographers. This job is highly entertaining and well paid. The satisfaction of seeing your pictures in magazines is unimaginable. The casinos is a really unforgiving place for photographers, compared to other places you may shoot. Another great problem is, that most big casinos work day and night. So, the photographer will have to take his precious photos around all gamblers, getting in their way. That can be really stressful, because most people in casinos, don’t like being photographed without any permission. That is why professional photographers must know how to communicate with people. Your entire career may depend on a single gambler, that may call the security to throw you out. Shooting in a casino may give you the great opportunity to photograph someone’s best moment of their life. Of course if you take the right shot, they will buy their memory from you. Here are some of our favorite shots taken in a Casino: