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Casino Wedding Photography

Casino wedding are gaining popularity extremely fast nowadays. As they are mostly made by rich people, this is a great opportunity to earn some cash. Having the right knowledge and skills to take perfect photos can give you tons of perspectives. Before you begin filming everything and taking pictures, always ask the couple, exactly which moments they want to be photographed. The moment of their first dance, first kiss, etc.. You have to be very fast, because these moments can be gone in a second. The best way to do it is to plan almost everything before the wedding begins. Put the camera on high shutter speed, so you can take multiple photos really fast and then pick the right one. Never forget to shoot the reactions from their guests. Having an assistant to do it is a great idea. That way you can both focus on different things, making the work much easier and professional. Take a lot of photos of their friends. Make some group shot, because everybody wants to remember their moments not only with family, but with friends too. If you see someone smiling, try and take that shot. Having kid’s laugh in a wedding album is something really creative and original. Here are some of our favorite shots:

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